..under reconstruction ..

Shara's Guide to All ElfQuest publications ie the EQpubguide is in dire need of some updating, but I hope to fix this sooooon.
Mira's ElfQuest Listing, very much a WIP too right now. Some linkage/content works.

New site for my photo stuffs, still in the process of being built up.. evabolinder.se

Meanwhile there's my site about nålbindning // needlebinding if you want to learn more about that (finally working on a new dual language version)..
and DeviantArt Gallery 1 (miraculousm.deviantart.com), and DeviantArt Gallery 2 (miravisu.deviantart.com) of mine,
as well as my RedBubble account if you want to look at examples of photos/illustrations of mine..
..aaaaand my flickr, for various stuff.. ;)